Maintaining the health of your pet's teeth is the most important thing that you can do to increase the comfort and length of your pet's life. Care and treatment of your pet’s teeth and gums are extremely important for overall health. Your pet’s teeth should be cleaned, scaled and polished regularly throughout your pet’s lifetime to help assure he/she keeps their teeth for as long as possible, to control breath odor, and to help prevent liver, kidney or heart disease from developing.


Pet Dental Care Is Important Because:

  1. Pets with gingivitis are physically uncomfortable.

  2. Gum and tooth disease lead to endocarditis (heart valve infection), kidney and other organ infections.

  3. You will enjoy your pet more when they don't have halitosis (bad breath).

  4. Your pet's health care expense in later years is greatly reduced by regular dental cleaning and preventive care at home.


Warning Signs of Dental Disease:

  1. Bad breath

  2. Tartar; Yellow-brown crust on the teeth

  3. Bleeding gums

  4. Loss of appetite

  5. Teeth that are missing or loose

  6. Difficulty eating and chewing food